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The OAS mission statement comprises of three articles of respect. We respect ourselves, respect our school, and respect each other!
We, the members of Orange Avenue School, in order to form a more
perfect learning environment, ensure respect for this place, ourselves,
and other people, provide a safe community, promote a bully-free
atmosphere and secure the well-being of the school for future
generations, will adhere to the following:

Article 1: Respect Ourselves

Every student will:
• Complete assignments on time
• Tell the truth
• Set goals and work to the best of our ability
• Use appropriate language
• Demonstrate leadership and not be a bystander

Article 2: Respect Our School

All students and staff are entitled to:
• Hallways that are clean and free from trash
• Orderly and uncongested hallway traffic
• Bathrooms unmarked by graffiti
All students and staff will be responsible for:
• Modeling appropriate behavior
• Following the Code of Conduct
• Promoting a drug-free community

Article 3: Respect Each Other

Show and promote kindness toward others by:
• Giving compliments to each other
• Standing up for someone being bullied
• Welcoming, including, and making friends with members of our school
• Listening to each other and having open minds
• Remembering, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all

We, the members of the Orange Avenue School Community, mutually
pledge to each other to uphold Articles 1, 2 and 3 of the OAS


Orange Avenue School is One Awesome School with Our Amazing Staff who teaches Our Awesome Students!

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  • 03- 08 Grades Offered
  • 764 Total Students
  • 10:1 Student Teacher Ratio
  • 15.0 Average Years Of Teacher Experience