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About Our School

Orange Avenue School (OAS) is committed to maintaining a kind and caring educational environment that is focused on hands on and engaging instruction. Our instructional culture is characterized by data driven decision making that leads to high student achievement. The OAS educational environment emphasizes cooperation, discovery, and enjoyment of learning. Our school community strives to develop responsible citizens who possess positive self-esteem, respect for others, and an interest in lifelong learning. The current OAS grade configuration includes a traditional grade 3 to 5 elementary program and a 6 to 8 middle school program.
We are proud that our students continue to make academic strides. Grade level and interdisciplinary teaming is the centerpiece of our academic program. On the elementary level, grade level teachers meet multiple times per week. In the middle school, grade level teams are comprised of core content area teachers and meet everyday. During these meetings, teachers discuss student needs, interdisciplinary planning, common assessments and student learning goals.
At OAS, we use technology to support the teaching and learning process. Internet access is available throughout the building. Aside from our mobile labs, we offer computer access in the media center. At the middle school level, we have piloted a “BYOT” (Bring Your Own Technology) program that provides students with the opportunity to integrate their preferred device into classroom instruction. Classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards and many classrooms have document cameras.
Orange Avenue School offers a comprehensive and academically rigorous program of study. In Language Arts, Reading and Writing Workshop has been integrated into classroom instruction. In Mathematics, the Envision series drives the instructional experiences that our teachers design. Our work with reading begins with a deep commitment to giving students large chunks of time to be deeply engaged in reading books—ones of their own choosing, when possible, and always ones that they can read with fluency, accuracy and comprehension. We offer math and reading labs to support our students’ needs at the middle school level. Cranford is committed to building global learning and literacy. Spanish, Latin, German, French, and Japanese are offered to all middle school students on a daily basis. Before entering grade 6, students have the opportunity to choose a preferred language. Middle school and elementary students are offered an array of cycle and elective classes to broaden their horizons and tap into their interests.
Orange Avenue School accepts and respects each student as an individual of worth and dignity in his or her own right, celebrates diversity, and encourages creativity and freedom of expression. Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life, which includes a broad co-curricular program. There is an active after school club program that provides students with a choice of 20 clubs to participate in. This includes but is not limited to Earlyact, Yoga, Volleyball, PEER, Musical and Drama, Chorus/Band/Orchestra, Video Club, Student Council, Cooking Club, and much more. An active Parent Teacher Association at Orange Avenue School helps solidify and strengthen the partnership between school and home–a partnership vital to the growth of each individual student. Parents play an integral role in the school by volunteering for many in-class and out-of-class activities. Our school staff recognizes the critical role parents play as partners.
Orange Avenue School is student-centered while recognizing the importance of academic achievement. Fostering all aspects of 21st Century Learning with an emphasis on technology/content area integration is our priority. We seek to instill a lifelong interest in learning, while helping students build self-confidence as they collaborate with their fellow global citizens.
Phone: 908-709-6257