County Teacher of the Year

The New Jersey Department of Education announced the 21 outstanding educators who have been selected as the County Teachers of the Year for 2020-2021.  Jamie Warner was selected to represent Union County.  Congratulations Ms. Warner!

Throughout her career in Cranford, Jamie Warner's dedication and passion for education has been admirable and inspiring. Jamie’s preparation, organization, and thoughtful planning support her strong relationship to the students and the content. Her dedication to preparing her students with the skills necessary to become thoughtful members of society is displayed through her exceptional work in Human Rights Education and her pursuit of equity in the classroom. Jamie challenges her students to look at perspectives outside their own. She engages her students in the development of critical thinking skills and encourages each and every student to strive to achieve their absolute best. Jamie has willingly taken on a leadership role as a mentor for multiple teachers by helping them develop into well-rounded educational professionals. Jamie has been awarded several fellowships including the prestigious Alfred P. Lerner Fellowship and the Bridging Cultures Global Learning Fellowship. Jamie serves on the leadership committee for Cranford’s Relay for Life and plays an integral role in Cranford’s Holocaust Remembrance Night.

During the ceremony on 8/27, Kevin Dehmer, Interim Education Commissioner stated, “Teachers and schools have the power to change lives. The County Teachers of the Year who were announced today are being honored not only for their outstanding performance, but also for their high expectations for all students.”

As a teacher of the year, Jamie Warner will network with educators throughout the state and serve as an ambassador for New Jersey's public schools.

The Cranford Public School District is incredibly proud of Jamie Warner!!  We thank her for all she does for our school community as well as the community at large!  Congratulations Ms. Warner!